East Side Podcast


Ian Kimble-Shoestring Gold-”DEAD GIVEAWAY”

Friday night at the 12th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival was crazy! The Gershman Y was a packed house. At 630 everyone made their way to the beautiful theater on the 3rd floor. Dead Giveaway was the featured film and to my amazement it was a full house. Once the film was over the crowd love it and it showed. 

Cut to Saturday morning and I'm sitting with Ian Kimble from Shoestring Gold. Ian Kimble is a Writer, Director, and Producer from Philadelphia, PA. He has been acting in regional theater productions since his teens and began making films in his 20s after spending a year studying in New York City. 

I had a great time speaking with Ian and we touched on how important it is to fail every once in a while. How it makes you stronger and more adaptive. I hope to work with him in the future and I cannot wait to see what is up is sleeve for the next project. Stay tuned...


Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 12- Gaz Hayden-Actor

(Welcome to the 12th annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival pt.1/3)

This past Thursday night, it was my privilege to attend the second night screening of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Absolution is a short film that packs the punch of a full length feature which sits with the viewer long after its over. The story follows Michael, struggling to overcome feelings of regret and deep remorse over a past traumatic event. With all hope lost, Michael (Gaz Hayden) encounters a woman who inevitably leads him down the path to find comfort in religion.  

I sat down to chat with Gaz at the festival for a scheduled half hour which ended up being twice as long. We had a great time reminiscing about the films we saw as kids and Gaz's plans for the future. The tireless passion shown by these independent filmmakers has been an eyeopening experience that I encourage everyone to explore and support.


Orion “Galaxy” Cosce - Pro MMA Fighter-Team Alpha Male

It had been a while since Orion was on the show. 2017 to be exact. At that time he had some amateur fights under his belt fighting for Lost Boys located in Arcata, CA and both he and his brother Louis were dominating the scene in Nor-Cal. One particular fight night both brothers were on the card (nothing new) They have a bit of a rivalry going on, but one out of love. Who can defeat their opponent the quickest?

Louis was up...BOOM! 42 seconds in the first round. Orion was next... "I'll beat that" and he did. 1st round knock out 39 seconds. That just happened to be the night Urijah Faber was in the audience watching the fights. He approached both Orion and Louis and offered for them to come down to Sacramento and fight professionally for Team Alpha Male  Just one more step closer to the UFC. 

Since his move Orion has had 3 Pro fights and has won every time. He recently took home a belt from Warrior Games, Wisconsin. He is very disciplined and determined to be the best he can be. Orion is a force to be reckoned with. Most are actually afraid to fight him and for good reason. Orion is constantly challenging himself and the people he trains. This life does not come easy. You have to want it more than the other person staring back at you. 




Jeremy Levine-Germ Glass

Back with another great Have Podcast Will Travel. I'm on location with professional glass artist Jeremy Levine. He invited me to his laboratory where he and a few other glass manipulators gather to create. He recently embarked on a 2 year journey to create 1000 glass cranes. This stems from his love for origami. So he made a glass crane, took a pic and posted it. In the true fashion of social media someone had to comment "why don't you make 1000" Challenge accepted! 

2 years later his journey is complete. Opening night was full of hundreds of people as well as local companies sponsoring the food and libations. The installation will be going for 3 nights in a row 4/19-4/21. Jeremy also mentioned he is keeping it up for appointment only showings through May. Check out some of his other amazing works. You can find him on Instagram @germlion 


Ricky “Badass” - Owner/Operator Alpha Brew Coffee-Nootropic Coffee

After a few months of schedule conflicts, I finally got to sit down with Ricky, owner/operator of Alpha Brew Coffee. We had a 6 hour time difference to contend with and it was way past Ricky's bed time. Nonetheless he pulled his shit together and made it happen. 

What is Alpha Brew Coffee? Is it only for yoked Alpha males? Nope! 

Alpha Brew Coffee is a Veteran and Law Enforcement-Owned and Operated company focused on bringing high quality coffees that deliver unbeatable performance and health benefits.

 Our mission: "Is to support our Veterans with proper mental health and adjustment counseling to ensure their success and reduce PTSD-related issues and self-harm." 

What are Nootropics? You can see the future! Not really but you think you can. 

Nootropics are supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

Please do your research, read and learn about nootropics. Find out if they are right for you. Remember, everyone's biology is different. What works for Ricky may not work for me. 



Chip Chantry - Stand up comedian/Writer

Have podcast will travel. I am in the sacred Green Room in the back of Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. I almost feel like I shouldn't be back here, and well I was right. They called security and I was escorted out of the building. Shortest podcast ever! Thanks Chip!

We had a great time talking about his most recent trip to LA where he was a guest on Doug Loves Movies. He just released his new comedy album, "Swingers Party"

Debut at #1 on ITunes charts. His just over hour long set is hilarious. Chip is constantly working on comedy. He is non-stop and even has a podcast where he and his co host jog and cast. It's called Junk Miles 

From comedy talk to who makes great old fashions in this city. Chip is here to stay. 


Dr. Ramesh Raghupathi-Neurobiologist Drexel University - TBI and Concussions

Have Podcast will travel. On location at Drexel University School of Medicine. I met with Dr. Ramesh and we set up in a conference room next to his laboratory. One of his research interests is Cell death and plasticity after traumatic injury to the mature and immature brain. The spectrum of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) ranges from mild concussions that are treated in the emergency room, to severe head injuries that require acute critical and neurosurgical care. Improved critical and advanced radiological and neurosurgical techniques have led to decreases in mortality rates over the past two decades. However, survivors of brain injuries suffer long-term behavioral problems such as learning deficits, memory dysfunction, psychological and emotional disturbances – functional aspects that affect the quality of life and currently have no therapies.  The damage observed after TBI comprises both primary disruption of neural tissue related to the impact, and secondary mechanisms that develop over the weeks to months after the traumatic event. The spectrum of pathologies observed after TBI include focal contusions in the grey matter and diffuse injuries to axons in the white matter. It has been suggested that these pathologies are a consequence of the biomechanics of the impact, i.e., focal injuries occur due to contact forces to the head, while diffuse injuries are a result of non-contact, rotational forces to the brain.

Dr. Ramesh and his team have been working on concussions for 15+ years. He spoke about a mechanism that can be worn by an athlete to calculate the impact, send a message wirelessly and can be treated immediately before they arrive at the hospital. This will be the next step in the evolution of the proper treatment for any brain injuries. 


Jessica Wolfert-Glass Artist-Jess Wolf Glass

Across town Philadelphia , somewhere in Port Richmond. I find myself on the 2nd floor of an artist collective. From 1st floor to the the top, this building is flowing with creative energy. Many different mediums are being used and manipulated in this old factory.

I came on location so I could sit down and speak with Jessica Wolfert. She invited me into her laboratory, to see her creations and what she is currently working on now. She found her passion lies in sculpture and glass blowing. One of my favorite pieces was her senior piece (2015). She created an entire bird skeleton out of multi-colored glass. Her new project was actually just featured in HTMagazine

Jessica has recently created- Lady Pipes- Lady Pipes are promoting positive female body image. 

-Finding peace within her comfort zone and body prompted Wolfert to create Lady Pipes, an artistic glass project aimed at rewriting beauty’s narrow narrative.- By Lyneisha Watson

A quote from the article: 

“If we can show the world that beauty is diverse then we can change the way we experience our bodies and the way that we experience life,” Wolfert says. “It’s changing the way that I experience my own body for sure.”

Watch out! Jessica is going to explode in this world of glass. Women are the minority in glass blowing. I think Jessica is going to inspire so many girls and women to not be ashamed by their bodies. 



Ben Barnett-Founder/Director-Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

This was a very interesting podcast. Weeks back I posed a question on Instagram. 

"Is there truly ever a present moment in time, or is it constant future?"

I wanted have a podcast with a couple people to discuss perceptions of time.  I received a DM an hour later. I clicked on the profile and it was the IG for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

I had to do a double take. I responded and quickly learned I was speaking with the founder and director of the P.I.F.F. Ben Barnett! Well that through me for a bit of a loop. I reached back out and posed, "Why don't we intertwine the concept of time into film and media?" Ben also liked that idea. We set a date and had a rough location in mind. 

Sunday came and unfortunately we had to bounce from building to building. We were out of options and started to set up in a hallway in the U.O.A. wing of the Merriam Theater. Luckily a student on the music production floor ran into us and said she had an open room for us to use. What a day. Exciting, fun, interesting and memorable. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did to conduct it. Ben is a cool dude and a great person to talk to. 


Myra Zerr-Neuroscientist Beyond Hello

I had a great podcasting weekend. Saturday morning kicked off with neuroscientist Myra Zerr. Myra felt compelled to explore the world of science. Although being stuffed in a rocket and going to space or exploring the depths of the ocean sounded amazing, they were also quite risky. Myra thought staying put on land and researching the brain and it's functions would be more beneficial to her and the world as a whole. She is now full immersed in guiding physicians and educating them and works full time at the latest apothecary Beyond Hello. Brand new to Center City Philadelphia. The windows have 24hr projections of patient testimonies and other educational information. They offer weekly deals and discounts to Veterans and seniors. Myra has definitely found her true north and is always looking for ways to improve her compass. Well I think this is a great start. Thank you to Myra and Beyond Hello.